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  • Hunting Cover

    OBS: Bildet er av en prototype, endelig resultat avviker noe fra bildet.

    - A lightweight and comfortable cover for all active dogs.

    - Developed in cooperation with experienced hunters.

    - Designed with three goals in mind: optimal freedom of motion, protection and visibility.

    - Stretch material is used over the back and neck for optimal freedom of motion.

    - Ripstop material on the underside protects the dog from stray, branches and other foreign objects.

    - The cover provides good visibility in the mountain terrain, and incorporates reflective strips for maximum visibility after dark.

    - Available in four sizes: xs - s - m - l

    PS. The picture is from a prototype, the logo and pocket is a little different on the finale product.

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  • Amundsen pack

    Amundsen pack
    • Excellent quality and functionality
    • Adjustable around neck and body
    • Padded collar
    Coming for sale in July 2013!
    Amundsen pack top
    Amundsen pack 'inside'
      S M L XL
    Width* 66 cm 69 cm 74 cm 83 cm
    Weight 15-28 kg 24-35 kg 30-40 kg 38+ kg
    Breeds** - Border Collie
    - Springer Spaniel 
    - Retriever
    - Setter
    - Husky 
    - Schäfer
    - Boxer 
    - Rottweiler
    - Bernese Mountain Dog 

    * The widest point of the pack when the pack is stretched out, measured on the underside of the pack. This measurement indicates how high above your dog’s elbow the pack will sit. Measure your dog from one elbow, over its back, down to the other elbow. The pack should go all the way down to your dog’s elbow.

    **These are only breed examples; the gender of the dog and its relative size to other dogs of the same breed should also be taken into consideration.



    Before putting the pack on your dog, pack the heaviest items at the front of each bag, so that the bulk of the weight is placed over your dog’s shoulders. Place the pack over your thigh, and distribute the weight evenly on each side. At the same time, you can check that no hard or sharp items will cause a discomfort to your dog. Once your dog is fully grown, you can carefully start to get your dog familiar with the pack. Gradually increase the weight of the pack and the length of the trips as your dog becomes accustomed to the additional weight. An experienced and well trained dog should be able to carry around 30-50% of its own body weight.


    How to adjust and load the pack 

    GIRTH STRAP [A] AND CHEST PLATE [B]: Nonstop has developed a new chest plate for its pack. This chest plate attach under the chest/belly comprises to protected clips. This attachment system ensures the pack remains stable during activity, while still being easy to remove and reattach. The chestplate offer maximum adjustability through the straps at four points located on the inside of the bags [A]. The girth straps should not be adjusted too tightly – this is particularly important for the rear strap which is to be fastened around your dog’s belly. You should be able to fit two fingers between the strap and your dog’s belly to allow your dog to breathe comfortably.

    NECK [C]:The neck strap can be easily adjusted by two clips [C]. It is best to ensure a snug fit around the neck, so that the pack stays at against the base of the neck, and is not pulled backwards onto your dog’s back.

    CLOSURE AND BAGS:The pack is made from durable rip-stop material, enforced with a strong 1000 D Cordura. The bags are roomy, with a roll top closure with 4 pockets. This ensures that the pack is easy to pack and that there are several ways of adjusting the pack in the event that it is not stable on the dog during activity.

    STABILISING STRAPS [D]:Two stabilising straps, found under the bags, should be tightened so that the pack sits between 3-5 cm outside your dog’s elbows. This clearance ensures a comfortable fit and prevents a rash from developing on the dog.

    REAR LEASH ATTACHMENT [E]: At the rear of the pack you will find a leash attachment ring. This moveable attachment allows the pack stays in place evenduring rough terrain. The pack also functions as a harness if you wish to have your dog pull you.


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  • Pro Warm Jacket

    Pro Warm Jacket

    - Light, warm and comfortable

    - Tight and protective neck

    - Rip-stop fabric and fleece lining

    - 3M-reflex

    The Pro Warm Jacket has a functional design and was developed with a focus on warmth, weight and fit. In cold and bad weather, this is the ultimate jacket to keep your dog warm and dry.
    » Comfortable design covers the major muscle groups
    » Quick to put on and take off
    » Wind and water repellent
    » The neck can be folded down or buttoned up again if it‘s cold
    » Highly visible reflectors
    » Soft fleece inside
    » Stretch fabric at the shoulders for increased freedom of movement
    » Leashes can be attached through the small opening at the back when using a harness

    The jacket comes in useful small Non-stop bag.
    The size corresponds to the dog‘s back length measured from shoulder to tail.

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