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  • Solid bootie

    Solid bootie

    • Breathing material
    • Extremely durable

    Sore pows is very painful for the dog, and that's why it is so important to prevent.
    Booties is a challenge for all dog owners, just because they are so easy worn-out.
    Non-Stop Solid is sewed with a double layer special cordura, a fabric made with
    more durable material at the same time as it is soft for better comfort for the dog.

    Another positive feature with this material is that is breaths, which is very
    important considered that dogs sweat through their paws.
    Solid is developed to be more durable on gravel, and is therefor more expensive
     than simpler winther booties made by simpler material. Tests has shown that
    these booties lasts uptill three times longer than other booties on the market.

    Solid socks is available in five different sizes:

    Size  XS  (product number 1311),
    Size    S  ( 1312),
    Size   M  ( 1313),
    Size   L   ( 1314)
    Size  XL ( 1315).

    Size  Width Length
    XS 6 cm 11 cm
    S 7 cm 12 cm
    M 8 cm 13 cm
    L 9 cm 14 cm
    XL 10 cm 15cm

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  • Longdistance bootie

    Longdistance bootie

    A light and good bootie for active use. Space for the paws to expand when the dog kicks off. Comes with elastic in the velcro for optimal grip. 
    This is the bootie Robert Sorlie use during training, and competitions like Femundlopet and Finnmarkslopet..

    Available in 6 different sizes: xxs, xs, s , m, l, xl.

    Approximate measurements (the socks are handmade, so the size may vary) in cm:

              Width    Length
    XXS           3,5             5,5
    XS             5,5             8,5
    S               8,0           12,0
    M              9,0           13,0
    L             10,0           14,0
    XL           11,0          15,0

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