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  • Reflex leash

    Reflex leash

    • Two meters long
    • With reflex

    Black leash with fleece in handle. It's two meters with reflex.

    Produktnr. 1510

    kobbel og valp

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  • Strong leash

    Strong leash

    • Solid
    • Good grip
    • Gives good control

    Solid leash gives you a good grip and control. The leash is black with reflex.


    1541 - 1 meter

    1542 - 2 meters

    1543 - 3 meters


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  • Baggy-bag


    • Bæsjeposer
    • Godbiter for hunden
    • Enkelt å feste på kobbelet

    This is a container for dog excrement bags and/or treats.
    It is simply attached with a mall enclosed carabiner, helping the owner to always remember the container.

    Produktnummer 1610

    Poseposen (prod nr 1610) (2)

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