Julita Łubianka

The 27 year old from Poland and has been running Canicross for 3.5 years. She ran long distance in her junior years. Her records without a dog are 38:59 for 10 kilometers (street), 18:40 for 5000 meters (track), 10:39 meters for 3000m (track), and 4:57 for 1500 meters (track).

As a student, she stopped training because she wanted to focus on studying automatics and robotics. After college, she and her fiance (now husband) Piotrek bought a dog to be Julita’s running partner. Dzyndzel was her first dog, a mix between German Shorthaired Pointer and Weimaraner. With him, Julita won her first and second title as Polish Champion.

She wanted to go further and got a second dog, Slovanian Eurodog, Mazak. Two year old Mazak was born to run, and he knows that! With him Julita took her third title as Polish champion. They even won men’s class!

They placed 4th at WCH ICF in Poland, and 5th at ECH IFSS in Sweden. She lives with her husband in a house with a large garden, perfect for a third dog!


  • 3 times Polish Champion
  • 4th place Word Championships ICF 2018
  • 5th place European Championships IFSS 2018